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Our team is lead by Jacob Escoffrey for the Sax.

Mathesh Kandra on the guitar

Ringo Starr on the drums

Cher LLoyd on the bass!


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Music Marketing Strategy: 3 Essential Steps

Every great musician is a success because of two things; they are talent and marketing. You might wonder why marketing plays a key role; the answer is simple, you can be a great musician that no one has heard of or you can be a good music creator that everyone has heard of. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to successful marketing strategies. You can be a newcomer or an established name with a following, but a poorly executed marketing plan can be your biggest downfall. And unlike other industries, the music industry is ruthless, and it becomes very hard to recover from a downfall.

Public Concert

There are some key strategies to look over before launching the music you created. In this article, we have looked at some of the primary marketing strategies that you need to look into. We are going to kick things off with your most important resource, your fans. For someone who has either been a part of the industry as a creator or as a fan, you should be well aware of artists who have completely lost their reputation due to them listening to the cash and not their fans. It is easy to move away from your roots and your fan following to create music that is the “it thing” but the problem is that your loyal fans might turn their backs on you for selling out. It is true you might be able to attract a new generation of fans but what the loyal fan base you lost; will be very difficult to get back.

The second important thing that you need to be doing is to study the market and understand what can be done and what needs to be done to garner success. Once you’ve understood your niche within the space, figure out achievable goals for yourself. The goals need to be time-bound so that you have some form of pressure on you to reach the specific target. In essence what we are trying to say is that it is foolish to fly in blind.

The final strategy is to have an action plan and to have a budget. The biggest problem with a “fluid” marketing plan or one where you move from one image to another is that it starts to give mixed signals to the industry and the fans. Along with a set plan, you should have a budget because when it comes to promotions and marketing, you can soon start losing more money than you will ever make.

4 Types of Music Genres that can improve Productivity

There have been countless studies done that have tried to correlate type of music with productivity. With more and more organisations going casual and flat; organisations are becoming more aware of out of the box methods to improve creativity and productivity in the workplace. Regardless of what genre you enjoy, there are certain types of music that enhance greater performance than other. Here in this article, we have looked at some of the best music genres to check out if you wish to spice things up at work.

  1. Classical

Nothing beats classical music. That applies here as well; a blast of Beethoven can get your cognitive function rising while still helping you to focus and concentrate. If you are feeling droopy at work and there are times when people just want to take the day off; in such instance try out some classical music to get the juices flowing.


  1. Nature

Nature music is a wild card entry to be honest. Soothing sounds such as waterfall, rain and wind chimes are great nature music to listen to but the flipside is that soothing music can easily put you to sleep if you are tired. Turn to this genre if you wish to get your focus back but not as a way to charge yourself up; because if you feel tired, this music can easily put you to sleep.

  1. Epic Music

There are hundreds of compositions under the genre epic music. They make you feel part of something bigger and greater than the normalcy that we are stuck in. So if you are looking for ways to focus on the big picture; then get pumped up by listening to epic music. Brainstorming sessions are another great place to play some subtle epic music that doesn’t distract the participants from focusing.

  1. Video game

Video game music has to be the surprise entry on this list. But to many gamers, this won’t be a surprise at all, and that’s because video games are designed in such a way that the visual and auditory responses are taken into consideration. So if you are looking for some music that is going to help you concentrate and provide a better experience overall, then we suggest you turn to video game music. The video game genre also gives you a number of sub-genres that might interest you as well.

Regardless of what music category you choose, the essential thing is to play music that assists you and not something that distracts you.

Tammy is the first cis-sexual guitarist to win a Grammy. Her outstanding vocals and guitar talent consistently hits the BillBoard charts.